Learn FAQ

What is Learn?
Learn is the home for learning resources for PEAK Grantmaking members. The Learn site includes materials (or “products”) in many different formats, including on-demand webinars, reports, articles, sample documents and templates, and online courses and learning modules. 

What types of resources are on Learn?
Learn includes many types of materials that will help grants management professionals keep up to date with information on effective grantmaking practices, as well as trends in philanthropy.

On Learn you’ll find:

  • Online courses - PEAK's first course, GM101 Online, is a self-paced learning experience for those newer to the profession. Look for Smart Risk Management for Greater Impact in Q1 2020.
  • On-demand Webinars – It’s not too late to catch up with a live webinar you missed, or one that you want to watch again.
  • Reports and publications – Review research and insights from PEAK Grantmaking and other organizations that focus on philanthropy.
  • Sample documents and templates – These resources have been shared by PEAK Grantmaking members to get you started with, or make revisions to, your own policies, forms, and procedures.
  • Articles – Tap into the thoughts and wisdom shared through PEAK Grantmaking’s news page and journal, as well as those published by other organizations in the philanthropy space.
  • Learning modules – We’ve packaged webinars along with related resources to give you a fuller picture of a topic area. After you complete the module you can test your knowledge and earn a certificate of completion. 
  • Presentation slides – The PEAK Grantmaking Annual Conference can be a whirlwind. Access materials shared by conference speakers from the comfort of your own desk. 

How do I access the resources on Learn?
Logging into Learn with your member credentials (or guest credentials for non-members) provides access to several types of resources. Your level of access to individual items (or "products")—free or for a fee—depends on your membership type. 

How can I find the resources I need--and the format I prefer--for learning?
There are several ways to see what materials (or “products”) Learn has to offer. You can:

  • Using the large icons on Learn's main page to navigate, go to the page with the resource format of interest to you. Choose from webinars, events, the Knowledge Center (reports, articles, samples and templates, conference presentations), or online courses (GM101 Online and Learning Modules). From each of those pages, you can browse around to see what’s available.
  • Use the search box in the right sidebar to select one or more categories (topic areas) and/or a format type (such as articles or slides).
  • Use the search box in the right sidebar to enter the keyword(s) that match your learning needs and interests.
  • Visit the full catalog to drill down by category and/or format type, then sort the results by the date added to Learn, in alpha order, or by the interest areas you’ve indicated in “My Learning Profile.”

Content is being added to Learn all the time, so be sure to visit periodically to see the latest additions.

Do I need to register to access resources (or “products”) on Learn?
Yes. For items that are available to you at no charge, registration is complete once you click the “Register” button if “My Cart” doesn’t have any items waiting to be purchased. Access the item by clicking the blue box with the arrow next to the item overview. The free item will appear in “My Cart” if you have any products waiting to be purchased.

If an item is fee-based, you’ll need to register and complete the transaction in “My Cart.” 

What is the fee structure for the different materials (or “products”) in Learn?
Document-based materials in the Knowledge Center—like articles, reports, samples and templates, conference presentations—are, with a few exceptions*, available to all members without their needing to register or pay a fee. For other items and events, the fees vary based on your membership type.

Organization Members and Consultant Members have free access to all PEAK Grantmaking “print” materials in the Knowledge Center (articles, reports, sample documents and templates, and conference presentations), live webinars, regional chapter meetings, on-demand webinars, and Learning Modules (Learning Modules are exclusive to Organization Members and Consultant Members). Select learning items, such as GM101 workshops and GM101 Online, are offered at a discount. Organization and Consultant Members also receive a discount on conference registration.

Individual Members have free access to all PEAK Grantmaking “print” materials in the Knowledge Center (articles, reports, sample documents and templates, and conference presentations), with a few exceptions*. Live webinars and on-demand webinars, with a few exceptions**, are available for a $25.00 fee. Discounts are offered on registration for the annual conference, GM101 Online, regional chapter meetings, and workshops.

Non-members may purchase on-demand webinars and online courses, as well as registration for the annual conference, regional chapter meetings, and workshops

* Users who access materials from other organizations to which we provide a link may incur a fee imposed by that organization.
** On occasion, PEAK Grantmaking offers complimentary webinars to all members.

What is “My Learning Profile”?
Customize your Learn experience—and your learning experience—by indicating what topics are important (and not so important) to you. Your selections will determine what materials you see first in the “Recommended for You” section on the front of the Learn site. Revise your selections at any time based on your knowledge development or changes in your career path. 

Access “My Learning Profile” from the Learn menu in the top gray navigation bar or the Learn menu box in the right sidebar.

What is “My Learning Dashboard”?
This feature allows you to track your learning and research. You can easily review the list of materials you’ve registered for or purchased, then link to them to explore them further. Note that most “print” materials like articles and reports have no access time limit, and registration for these items is automatic for members. Purchased items are available for one year and require registration.

Access “My Learning Dashboard” from the Learn menu in the top gray navigation bar or the Learn menu box in the right sidebar.

What is “My Cart”?
Here, you can review the list of items (or “products”) you’ve registered for or plan to purchase. From the shopping cart you can complete your purchases and access your materials.

Access "My Cart" from the Learn menu in the top gray navigation bar or the Learn menu box in the right sidebar.

What is “My Information”?
Use this link to update your membership information, including organization and contact information.

Learn looks like Connect. Are they related?
Our goal is to provide as seamless a member experience for our online resources as possible. Learn was designed to be visually similar to Connect. Some resources, such as online courses, will even link to Connect discussions. And, in the future, you’ll be able to search Learn from Connect, as well. 

The navigation menus on Learn, Connect, and PEAK Grantmaking's main site are related and use the same terminology. If you find navigating between the three sites difficult or confusing, please let us know!

I attended a live webinar. How can I access the webinar recording and slides?
Webinar registrations come with free access to the recording ("on-demand webinar") and slides. After the live webinar presentation, Individual Members and non-members will be sent a discount code for the Learn shopping cart so they can bypass the purchase requirement, as they have already paid. Please send a message to learning@peakgrantmaking.org if you have any trouble accessing an on-demand recording.

I’m having technical issues with the site. Whom do I contact?
Send a message to learning@peakgrantmaking.org, and we can assist you.