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Publications & Reports

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  • Sharing Data Responsibly – A Conversation Guide for Funders

    Human rights funders collect a lot of data about their grantees – as well as the people that their grantees help. Sharing this data openly can help funders be transparent about their activities and highlight the impact of their grantees’ work. However, it can also increase risks to human rights work if data isn’t collected and managed responsibly. How can funders be transparent about the work they support, while making sure that they aren’t harming grantees or others? This guide is based on research conducted by Ariadne and The Engine Room. Publication date: October 2018

  • Understanding & Sharing What Works: The State of Foundation Practice

    ​Assessing the performance of a foundation is notoriously challenging, but it is crucial to learning and improvement. How well do foundation leaders believe they understand what is and isn’t working in their foundation’s programmatic efforts? How are they building that understanding? What information are they choosing to share with others? CEP surveyed and conducted in-depth interviews with private and community foundation leaders regarding what they know about what is and isn’t working in their foundations’ efforts to achieve their goals. Publication date: November 2018

  • Measuring the State of Disaster Philanthropy: Data to Drive Decisions

    ​Disasters and humanitarian crises affected millions of people globally in 2016. Donors responded generously to these disasters: How were their dollars allocated? Publication date: November 2018


Blog posts and articles from other publications, including PEAK Insight Journal.

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Presentation Slides and Handouts

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  • PEAK Midwest Fall Regional Meeting

    ​Looking for ideas to improve your grantmaking practices and time to network with other grants management professionals? Presenters from the MacArthur Foundation, Grand Victoria Foundation, PEAK Grantmaking, and the Midwest Regional Chapter team shared information on a wide-range of hot topics in philanthropy including practices, racial equity, and going paperless.​ Presentation date: October 19, 2018

  • Planning Your Path for the Future

    This meeting of the PEAK Grantmaking New York Chapter, EPIP New York, and Philanthropy New York focused on  professional development, and included two highly-interactive sessions, focused on reflecting on your current role in your organization and strategizing how best to advocate for yourself at work, while networking with other grants management colleagues from the area.  Presentation date: November 1, 2018

  • Focus on Leadership: PEAK Grantmaking New England Regional Chapter Fall 2018 Meeting

    As a leader within your organization, you will work with people who have different perspectives, styles, and approaches. Get to know yourself as a leader – and discover how to better work with others. These materials will be insightful for all grants managers. Presentation date: October 25, 2018

Sample Documents and Templates

This is a collection of sample documents shared by your colleagues. Be sure to check the Connect library for new additions.

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  • Power Moves: Your Essential Philanthropy Assessment Guide for Equity and Justice

    A self-assessment toolkit to determine how well you are building, sharing and wielding power and identify ways to transform your programs and operations for lasting, equitable impact. It includes ready-to-use guides, insightful anecdotes and comprehensive resources to help you on your power journey towards high-impact giving. From the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy. Publication date: May 2018

  • A Practical Guide to Outcome-Focused Philanthropy

    “A Practical Guide to Outcome-Focused Philanthropy” is a roadmap for Hewlett Foundation staff as they work across the four stages of a strategy’s lifecycle: origination; implementation; refresh, and exit. The guidebook includes a set of worksheets that provide an at-a-glance overview of what staff need to think about and do at each stage. These worksheets also are available as a standalone document.

  • Unpacking the LOI

    A blog post by Jessica Bearman on the value of letters of inquiry. Publication date: April 27, 2015