Learning Modules

The PEAK Grantmaking Learning Modules Collection includes 16 individual modules. In each module, after watching a video and exploring complementary resources, you’ll test your knowledge with a short quiz.

Successful performance on the quiz—a score of 70% or higher—earns you a certificate of completion. Learn more about the Learning Module components.

Complete individual modules based on your immediate needs, or create a personal development plan to obtain certificates for all 16 areas. 


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Learning Modules in Collection One


Assessing the How of Grantmaking
What five core questions should foundations consider when creating and carrying out their grantmaking process? Using these questions as guidelines, grantmakers should strive to continuously examine and improve their processes.

Board Books Online
Portals and electronic devices can communicate your work and results to your board of directors.

Capacity Building

Learn how to gauge the capacity of your grantees, and support their reaching the highest possible achievement.

Connecting the Outcome Dots

Define and track success, with a focus on true investment.

Data Visualization

Learn how to create data visualizations that effectively show your grantmaking work.

Disrupting Evaluation: Using Universal Outcomes to Measure Impact 

Measure impact by looking at outcomes and focusing on predictive data.

Electronic Recordkeeping

An overview of strategy and items to consider when implementing technology solutions for information management.

Empowering Grants Managers to Advocate for the Field

Communicate grants management's critical role in the organization.

From the Sidelines to the Huddle: How One Foundation Centralized Its Grants Management to Create a Team Approach to Grantmaking

Grants managers can be strategic and collaborative in their work while contributing to the mission of their organization.

Grantee Budget and Financial Planning
Explore a budget and financial planning tool that will help your current and potential grantees develop project-specific budgets.

How to Prepare for an Audit

Develop a strong sense of not only what you need to do to prepare for an audit, but why you need to do it.

International Grantmaking

A broad overview of international grantmaking, including case studies from three foundations.

Let's Be Clear: The Importance of Transparency

Explore the benefits of transparency, including better relationships with grantees, increased collaboration, reduced duplication of effort, and a community of shared learning.

Managing Foundation Change Through Project Management

Learn the three critical components of change management--people, plan, and environment--and the importance of focusing on outcome, while using tools to track the project as a whole.


No More Noise! Communicating Effectively Through Data Visualization

The fundamentals of good data design and putting your numbers to work to support both you and your grantees. 

Smarter Grantmaking: Strengthening Relationships with Grantees and Supporting Nonprofit Resilience

Explores the variety of ways grants managers can take steps to improve their organization’s grantmaking practices, with a particular focus on supporting nonprofit resilience and improving relationships with grantees.