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  • Another Perspective on Evaluating Grantees

    Contains 1 Component(s)

    Session slides from GMN2016.

    An assessment of a grantee does not need to be exhaustive nor grant budget focused. Come and discuss the key areas of an organization that should be explored and why. Grantees must have the institutional capacity and infrastructure to support the initiatives/areas that a grantmaker wants to advance. Looking at grantees from key areas – leadership, strategy, communication, financial health will allow a grantmaker to assess and address grantees organizational and operational issues. 

    By strengthening grantmaker skills to understand the capacity of a grantee and subsequently work with those grantees to build more effective organizations, grantees will have greater capacity to implement and show results. Learn about key areas of organizational operations that should be assessed during the due diligence process, and understand how grantmakers can use these assessments to help build the capacity of their grantees during the course of a grant.

    See also "Grantee Assessment Tool" in the Knowledge Base.

    Session slides from GMN2016.

    Ana E. Akhtar

    Senior Manager, Development and Exempt Organizations


    Susan Hairston

    Director of Program Services

    Ford Foundation