Driving Collaboration: Bridging the Gap Between Grantmakers and Grantseekers

In today’s everchanging world, grantmakers, applicants, and grantees need to collaborate to serve the communities that need resources the most. As many funders are re-evaluating how they operate to adapt to the changing environment, what does that mean for how they partner with grantees? And, what challenges facing grantseekers that could be mitigated by funders?

Watch this candid conversation with a funder and a grant writer as they share their perspectives on how we can collaborate better throughout the grantmaking cycle.

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Original air date: September 23, 2020

Ursula Stewart (Moderator)

Grantmaking Industry Advisor


Ursula joined the Salesforce.org team in January 2020 in the role of grant making impact advocate, through which she provides strategic analysis of grantmaking processes and systems data management and helps grantmakers align their grants management system to their organization’s strategic practices and policies. She has more than 30 years in the grantmaking community in the roles of grants management and system administrator. She has keynoted and presented at numerous philanthropic and technology conferences and events. During her ten-yeartenure at the New York State Health Foundation, Ursula was recognized for leading the innovative use of the foundation’s grants management system. Ursula is a co-author of “Best Practices in Grants Management,” a guide to administering a grantmaking program.

​Dr. Beverly A. Browning

CEO and Senior Consultant

Bev Browning, LLC

Barbara Scace

Director of Grants Management

William Penn Foundation

Grants Management Professional Competency Model

Cross-Cutting Competencies

  • Communications: Listen to others and communicate effectively.
  • Process and Change Management: Plan and monitor processes efficiently and effectively and manage change as needed to contribute to grantmaker's strategic goals and grantee's success.
  • Technology Management: Apply technology solutions to grantmaking to support grantmaker applicant, and grantee success.

Lifecycle of a Grant Competencies

  • Planning and Pre-Grant: Apply the grantmaker values, mission, and goals to ensure alignment of application process and guidelines.
  • Planning and Pre-Grant: Design and implement the review process to support an informed grant decision.

Principles for Peak Grantmaking

Narrow the Power Gap - Use practices and policies to help narrow the power gap between grantmakers and grantseekers, and value equally the resources each brings to their partnerships and use practices and policies to help narrow the power gap.


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