Successful Measurements: Impacts, Outcomes, and the People Who Track Them

Getting stakeholders on the same page is the first hurdle you’ll face on the journey to successfully tracking impacts and outcomes. In addition to aligning board, staff, and grantees with your initiatives, it’s important to understand other stakeholders involved, what they bring to the table, and how they define success. Join Mark Larimer, VP of marketing and client services at Foundant, as he discusses the four strategies funders use to create impact, helps you determine where you fit it in the process, and outlines steps to ensure your organization is measuring results effectively.

To be successful:

  • the board needs to agree on what the organization is trying to accomplish,
  • staff needs to be consistent in how they accept and manage grantee reports,
  • and grantees need to understand upfront why this data needs to be reported accurately.

This webinar was sponsored by Foundant.

​Mark Larimer

Vice President of Marketing and Client Services

Foundant Technologies

Grants Management Professional Competency Model

Cross-Cutting Competencies

  • Strategic Management: Promote organizational mission and goals and inspire colleagues to achieve them.

Lifecycle of a Grant Competencies

  • Award and Monitoring: Monitor grantee activity to support grantee success and determine compliance with grant agreement.
  • Post-Grant: Review grantmaking to determine success in meeting goals and objectives.