Streamline Your Grant Process: Make Better Decisions and Support Grantees

Streamlining grant application processes is a concept foundations can get behind. Enabling grantees to work more efficiently and save time to focus on their mission is a benefit to all. With deeper insight into the nonprofits you support, you’re able to make better decisions while effectively supporting your grantees.

GuideStar and Foundant Technologies showcase the latest integrations of GuideStar for Grant Applications (G4G for short) with grants management software to streamline the application process.

Viewers will:

  • learn about GuideStar’s database, how G4G works, and how to get started;
  • see an example of Foundant GLM’s G4G integration and learn how their team can work with your foundation to align more than 60 fields with existing info in GuideStar’s database; and
  • hear how one group of funders leveraged this technology to align their applications and better support their nonprofits.

Original air date: December 5, 2018

This webinar was sponsored by Foundant.

Gabe Cohen

Senior Director of Marketing & Communications


Sammie Holzwarth

Product Manager

Foundant Technologies

Grants Management Professional Competency Model

Cross-Cutting Competencies

  • Process and Change Management: Plan and monitor processes efficiently and effectively to contribute to grantmaker's strategic goals and grantee's success.
  • Technology Management: Apply technology solutions to grantmaking to support grantmaker, applicant, and grantee success.