Revisiting Reporting

Session slides from PEAK2018.

Reporting can be one of the most pivotal points in the grantmaking process.  A careful balance must be met in order to ensure grants are on the right track. Ask for too little information and there’s no way you can be sure your grantmaking is reaching the outcomes you set out to accomplish. Too much reporting drains your grantees resources.  In order to find the best practices for reporting, Jessica Bearman, a.k.a. Dr. Streamline, set out to find out how grantmakers across the field were striking this delicate balance and whether any best practices had emerged that should be brought to prominence. Come hear about some of her findings and engage in a discussion to see what next steps your organization can take around this critical practice area.

Participants will:

Understand the current state of reporting practice

Gain knowledge of effective reporting practices and how foundations are streamlining the reporting process

Consider which of these practices would help you achieve impact in your grantmaking and how to implement them

Jessica Bearman


Bearman Consulting

JESSICA BEARMAN (Bearman Consulting) works with foundations and other mission-based organizations, focusing on organization development, facilitation, planning, and project R&D to help them become more intentional, effective, and responsive to communities. 

Jessica has been the lead consultant to PEAK Grantmaking’s Project Streamline since its inception, helping grantmakers to understand and minimize the burden of their application and reporting practices.Prior to her work in philanthropy, Jessica spent nine years in the nonprofit sector, where she experienced plenty of mystifying requirements. She has a Masters in Organization Development from American University/National Training Laboratory. Jessica loves living on an organic farm in Idaho with her husband, two wild boys, forty philosophical chickens, and thousands of industrious bees.

Elizabeth Myrick


Elizabeth Myrick + Associates

Elizabeth Myrick is an independent consultant with nearly 20 years of experience in the nonprofit and philanthropic sector. Her work focuses on leadership and organizational strategy.