Rethinking Your Strategy to Maximize Your Impact

As companies are increasingly expected to make a difference in the world and solve serious social problems, more eyes are on their community investment programs than ever before. “Business as usual” is no longer enough, especially since investors, customers and employees all expect a company’s CSR efforts to be authentic.

Watch this webinar with Benevity--featuring their clients Kroger, Albertsons, and Farmers Insurance--to learn how these companies realigned their granting strategy and saw their community impact grow. You’ll learn:

  • Why they reconsidered their granting strategy
  • What their key learnings were throughout their journey and the change management that it required
  • How they never could imagine the impact they created

This webinar was sponsored by Benevity.

Original air date: November 18, 2020

​Christy Duncan-Anderson

Executive Director


​Sunny Reelhorn Parr

Executive Director

Kroger Foundation

​Courtney Vandermause

Corporate Citizenship Program Manager

Farmers Insurance

​Janelle St. Omer (Moderator)

Regional Vice President


Grants Management Professional Competency Model

Cross-Cutting Competencies

  • Strategic Management: Promote organizational mission and goals and inspire colleagues to achieve them.
  • Technology Management: Apply technology solutions to grantmaking to support grantmaker applicant, and grantee success.

Lifecycle of a Grant Competencies

  • Post-Grant: Review grantmaking to determine success in meeting goals and objectives.

Principles for Peak Grantmaking

Learn, Share, Evolve - Contribute to building sector-wide knowledge and seek wisdom from others pursuing change and impact. 


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