Overcoming Software Overload: A Glimpse into the Future of Grantmaking

First came pen and paper. Then as we entered the digital age, we moved to PDF applications and spreadsheets. Finally came a level of efficiency previously unrivaled—a “management system” for every conceivable need. Somewhere along the way, grants managers began conforming to the limitations of these systems, making many compromises.

We envision a near future with far fewer compromises—one where modern software systems can communicate with each other, integrate in new and exciting ways, and provide customization capabilities that work for you, not against you.

Watch the webinar and--

  • be briefed on the results of a survey revealing the most popular software solutions used across many foundations;
  • learn about present-day tools and strategies you can use to better integrate and customize that software to work for you; and
  • explore key insights on the future of grantmaking software.

Sponsored by WizeHive.

​Natalie Hirsch

Director of Product Management