Let's Be Clear: The Importance of Transparency Learning Module

Calls for greater transparency and accountability in the philanthropic sector are nothing new, but as people today access more information online, public expectation about what information is made available is increasing at a rapid pace. Are funders truly harnessing the promise that today's digital media, open data, and networked mindset hold for philanthropy? Watch this webinar to learn how some organizations are embracing the power of online transparency to improve relationships with grantees, facilitate greater collaboration, reduce duplication of effort, and cultivate a community of shared learning. Participants will:

  • increase awareness and understanding of the need for transparency in philanthropy;
  • increase awareness and understanding of the Glasspockets initiative and key lessons from the new GrantCraft how-to guide on foundation transparency; and
  • learn how two foundations are improving understanding of their work through increased transparency efforts.

Webinar run time: 90 minutes.


After watching the webinar, complete a short quiz to test your knowledge. You will receive a certificate of completion with a passing score of 70% or higher. We have also provided additional resources to support your learning, which you can continue to consult as needed. Please let us know what you think about the module by completing the survey.


Video and Resources
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Certificate of Completion