Investing in Change: How Funders Can Support Advocacy and Lobbying | PEAK2020 Online

Private and public foundations can play a vital role in advocacy, both by engaging in advocacy themselves and by funding their grantees to advocate on the issues important to them. Not sure how to make the case for funding advocacy? Uncertain whether you can fund grantees that lobby? Wondering whether your public or private foundation can speak out on an issue? This session answers these and other questions. In this session, get a clear understanding of the kinds of advocacy activities you can safely engage in, and best practices for ensuring your grantees have the most flexibility allowable under the law for their advocacy efforts.

Original air date: May 7, 2020

Natalie Roetzel Ossenfort

Director, Texas Office

Alliance for Justice

Natalie Ossenfort is the director of Alliance for Justice's Texas office, where she works with nonprofits and foundations to build their capacity to advocate both lawfully and effectively. Prior to her work with the organization, she helped to create and run the Innocence Project of Texas, a nonprofit dedicated to freeing those wrongfully convicted of crimes in the state. At IPTX, Natalie held both executive director and chief staff attorney positions, and she specialized in the litigation of cases involving the use of DNA evidence. She also worked with the organization to successfully advocate on behalf of reforms designed to reduce the number of wrongful convictions and assist those reentering society after lengthy terms of unjust confinement. Natalie obtained her law degree from the Texas Wesleyan University School of Law in Fort Worth, Texas. She earned her undergraduate B.A. from Trinity University in San Antonio, where she majored in political science.

Principles for Peak Grantmaking

Narrow the Power Gap - Use practices and policies to help narrow the power gap between grantmakers and grantseekers, and value equally the resources each brings to their partnerships and use practices and policies to help narrow the power gap.


Grants Management Professional Competency Model

Cross-Cutting Competencies

  • Communications: Listen to others and communicate effectively.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in grantmaking practices.

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Handout - Public Foundations Can Lobby
Handout - Private Foundations May Advocate
Handout - Private and Public Foundations May Fund Charities That Lobby