International Grantmaking: Beyond the Checklist

Do you make international grants and want to dive deeper into understanding legal procedures? Would you like to start making international grants but need some practical guidance on due diligence for foreign grantees? The panelists, from private foundations, public charities, and corporate givers, explored not only the “whats” of international grantmaking, but also the “whys.” Checklists are a good starting point, but the presenters also discussed why your organization relies on certain documents to fulfill IRS requirements and if there are any substitutes or workarounds that could be utilized to facilitate and streamline international grantmaking. 

Participants discussed the benefits and shortfalls of current organizational practices and check-box policies, while presenters clarified IRS requirements for public, private, and corporate organizations. Learn how to interpret the law to ensure your organization is in compliance, and develop problem-solving techniques when documentation is unavailable. Obtain new tangible action steps, tools, and ideas to take back to your organization.

Session slides from GMN2016.

​Val Bush

Grants Specialist

Paul G. Allen Family Foundation

​Ericka Novotny

Director, Grants Management

Arcus Foundation

​Jeanmarie Collens

Associate Director, International Operations

American Jewish World Service

​Deb Anderson

Grants Administrator

The Medtronic Foundation