Focus on Leadership: PEAK Grantmaking New England Regional Chapter Fall 2018 Meeting

Are you a leader in your organization? Interested in best practices and the “how” of grantmaking? How about professional development and learning basic negotiating tactics? The 2018 PEAK New England fall meeting has everything you’re looking for and more.

As a leader within your organization, you will work with people who have different perspectives, styles, and approaches. Get to know yourself as a leader – and discover how to better work with others. Perhaps you’d like to enroll in a professional development course, take the lead on a new project, or change a process to make your work more efficient — how you ask is just as important as why you are asking. Sara Sanders, PEAK Grantmaking’s regional chapter manager will be on site to give basic negotiating tactics and help you understand the right way to prepare for a conversation to help you better advocate for and position yourself as a strategic leader in your organization.

The focus on creating more equitable and effective grantmaking practices grows within the field, grants managers stand at the juncture of fostering strong relationships with nonprofit partners. Liz Bicer, PEAK Grantmaking’s education director, makes the case that the “how” of grantmaking is as important – and as strategic – as the “what” and “who” of funding. Grants management as a profession is growing to include new skills and approaches to support greater impact: data analysis, knowledge management, organizational learning, and strong relationships.

Viewers will:

  • Learn a vocabulary and a way of thinking about working with each other in our teams
  • Understand and appreciate the need for a variety of work styles
  • Reflect on their own individual work styles and identify areas for growth to become better leaders
  • Understand the negative and positive impacts of each style taken to excess
  • Learn from each other how colleague’s roles are changing inside their organizations
  • Review the current attitudes and perceptions towards Grants Management professionals and practices uncovered by PEAK’s field survey
  • Discuss how we can individually and collectively work to revise these perceptions to better match the critical role of grants management
  • Learn and practice effective tactics to re-frame how you advocate for yourself and showcase yourself as a leader
  • Prepare and practice an important conversation you’d like to have to advocate for yourself at work

Presentation date: October 25, 2018

Sara Sanders

Regional Chapter Manager

PEAK Grantmaking

Sara Sanders is PEAK Grantmaking’s Regional Chapter Manager and focuses on supporting regional chapter officers to lead thriving, successful organizations. Sara plans to learn the needs chapter officers, develop new tools and resources to meet those needs, and help officers share common challenges and great ideas.

Sara has ten years of experience working as a liaison in the non-profit and government sectors with a wide range of audiences. Her non-profit experience includes chapter engagement, membership recruitment and retention, volunteer leadership development, facilitating trainings, and writing handbooks and newsletters for chapter leaders.

Sara earned a bachelor’s degree in history and criminal justice from The George Washington University. She loves spending time with family, rooting for the Washington Nationals, travelling, and volunteering at the National Archives.

Liz Bicer

Education Director

PEAK Grantmaking

Grants Management Professional Competency Model

Cross-Cutting Competencies

  • Staff and Volunteer Development: Build the capacity of staff and volunteers to be successful in their grantmaking role.


Leadership Compass Assessment
Use the assessment tool to explore work styles. You must register to access.
Your Professional Evolution
Explore grants management roles and learn how to expand your knowledge and skills. You must register to access.
Grants Management Professional Competency Model
This tool defines the professional knowledge, skills, and abilities expected of grants management professionals, like you, regardless of your area of specialization, the size of your organization, or your role within the field. You must register to access.
Advocating for Yourself
This presentation offers strategies to consider as you take the path to leadership, as well as resources to consult to explore the topic further. You must register to access.
Advocating for Yourself Action Plan
Use this tool to develop supporting information for your crucial conversations. You must register to access.