Equitable Tech: How Technology and Data Impact Equitable Outcomes

As traditional grantmaking practices are being up-ended with the global pandemic and renewed energy around racial, social, and economic justice, what’s taking tech so long to catch up? PEAK, Technology Association of Grantmakers, GrantAdvisor, and Grantbook put together Philanthropy, Tech & Equity, a four-part series illuminating how philanthropy can leverage technology to drive equitable grantmaking practices and build a social justice movement, step by step. We guarantee to satisfy secret (and not-so-secret) accidental techies, data nerds, and tech futurists alike as we take you on a learning journey around philanthropy, technology, and equity.

Principle #3 in social justice work: Apply an equity lens. Or, even better, get that equity Lasik. Once we understand our community and the landscape we work within, we need to start asking some tough questions. This thought-leader session explores all the ways that technology and data can help – or hinder – our equity goals. You’ll walk away with concrete action steps for examining your own technology frame.

Original air date: November 12, 2020

Carly Hare

National Director/Coalition Catalyst

CHANGE Philanthropy

Rebecca Van Sickle

Managing Partner

1892 consulting

Since 2001, Rebecca Van Sickle has worked for private and corporate foundations managing and leading grants management strategy, delivering technology solutions, coordinating grants process and policy changes and guiding efforts in knowledge management and data analysis. As the Director of Grants Management at the Atlantic Philanthropies, Rebecca led a year-long grants management system selection and implementation process that involved evaluating Atlantic’s grantmaking processes and adapting them to an online workflow. While at Atlantic, Rebecca also spearheaded an initiative to streamline the grant payment process, moving the foundation to electronic payments through a secure file transfer. Rebecca Van Sickle received her B.S. from Northwestern University and her M.B.A. from Cornell University. She is also a former Board Member of PEAK Grantmaking.

TeQuion Brookins

Director of Operations

McGregor Fund

Grants Management Professional Competency Model

Cross-Cutting Competencies

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in grantmaking practices.
  • Technology Management: Apply technology solutions to grantmaking to support grantmaker applicant, and grantee success.

Principles for Peak Grantmaking

Drive Equity - Build grantmaking practices and policies that minimize bias and support decisions that promote justice, inclusion, and equity.


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