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Many in our sector are talking about big ideas such as equity and inclusion, narrowing the power gap between grantmakers and grantseekers, being authentically engaged in our communities, listening and learning from our partners, and living our values in our practice.

We can help the sector move beyond conversation to action.

We believe our members have the power to bring tangible, real-life, and practical implementation to these big ideas to build a bridge between strategic vision and action. To this end, we support their professional growth through developing the competencies that will help them lead this change.

Download Courage in Practice: The Principles for Peak Grantmaking.

Courage in Practice: The Principles for Peak Grantmaking

We are developing and delivering tools and resources to help grantmakers:

Tie Practices to Values by thoughtfully examining how values are reflected in practices and ensuring consistency between what a funder says and what it does.
Narrow the Power Gap by using practices and policies to help narrow the power gap between grantmakers and grantseekers and value equally the resources each brings to the partnership.
Drive Equity by building grantmaking practices and policies that minimize bias and support decisions that promote justice, inclusion, and equity.
Learn, Share, Evolve by contributing to building sector-wide knowledge and seeking wisdom from others pursuing change and impact.
Steward Responsively by managing all entrusted resources—human, financial, reputation, time —with care to balance stewardship with an agile approach to risk.

Courage in Practice: Commit to Action Today

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It is within the power of every grantmaker to prioritize practices, set strategic goals to improve them, and evaluate practices as critical indicators of success. The Principles for Peak Grantmaking have been created as that call to action for philanthropy to realize this potential.

Grants management professionals: You sit at the intersection of strategy and action. Access the tools and resources you need to courageously lead change inside your organization.

PEAK Grantmaking invites grants management professionals and all grantmaking professionals and volunteers to adopt the Principles for Peak Grantmaking in your work and to spread the word about your steps, progress, and results.

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Through a courageous commitment to these actions, we are working to bring big ideas to the frontlines of grantmaking.



Learn more about each Principle and follow along as we release specific tools and resources to help you change practices inside your organization! Click each principle's icon to learn more.

Tie Practices to Values
Narrow the Power Gap
Drive Equity
Learn, Share, Evolve
Steward Responsively