Courage in Practice: 5 Principles for Peak Grantmaking

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Created by and for our members, these five Principles are
our call to action to transform the practice of philanthropy
into the practice of principled grantmaking. It’s time to
move from conversation to action, and you can help
lead the way.  

To begin, read our white paper and share it with your team.

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Next, explore the five Principles below, and learn about the many ways that PEAK Grantmaking will support you every step of the way to put these principles into practice. 

We’ll be rolling out in-depth packages of resources to support you in adapting each Principle – starting with Tie Practices to Values in fall 2019 and continuing into 2020.

Tie Practices to Values image
Link grantmaking practices with grantmaker values, integrating values throughout every
aspect of grantmaking, to walk the talk and propel the mission. Learn more.
Narrow the Power Gap image
Use practices and policies to help narrow the power gap between grantmakers and
grantseekers, and value equally the resources each brings to their partnerships
and use practices and policies to help narrow the power gap. Learn more.
Drive Equity image
Build grantmaking practices and policies that minimize bias and support decisions that
promote justice, inclusion, and equity. Learn more.
Learn, Share, Evolve image
Contribute to building sector-wide knowledge and seek wisdom from others pursuing
change and impact. Learn more.
Steward Responsively image
Manage all entrusted resources—people, finances, reputation, time—with care to balance
stewardship with an agile approach to risk. Learn more.

We invite Organization Members to join our Principles Community of Practice where, together, we'll build a vibrant online and offline collaboration between grants management professionals to elevate practice and learn from each other.

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